Storms may threaten

Sunday 29th of November 2015; for many, they may remember this day as being a day of terrible weather, with storms battering the country. For others, well this day will be remembered as the day that we stood together in freezing, wet and blustery conditions to show our support for the DLI.

After a brief, but poignant, period of reflection lead by bugler and padre, aided with brilliant effect by historical re-enactors, the participants were encouraged to get to know each other.

For my part, it was great to meet so many enthusiastic supporters of all ages – from the very youngest to the slightly less youngest :). I was particularly delighted to meet Mark Wakenshaw and his family. This really made what we are doing personal for me – Mark’s grandfather being such a towering figure in the collection.

68 in respectGetting quite a crowd in the Marketplace Banners on display Honouring the bugler