Durham County Council Report 21-10-15

HERE is the link for the report by Durham County Council regarding the ‘Future of DLI Museum Arrangements’ by: Terry Collins, Corporate Director Neighbourhood Services , & Cllr Neil Foster Portfolio Holder Economic Regeneration


The report is ‘detailed’ in length amounting to some fifteen pages (when including appendices) and covers the following points –

i)     Purpose of the Report (Pts 1-3)

ii)    Background (Pts 4-15)

iii)   Material Considerations (Pts 16-35)

iv)   Financial Implications (Pts 36-43)

v)    HR Implications (Pts 44-49)

vi)   Legal Implications (Pts 50-51)

vii)  Accommodation Implications (Pts 52-55)

viii) Other Risks (Pts 56-62)

ix)   Next Steps & Timetable (Pt 63)

x)    Recommendations & Reasons (Pt 64)


One thought on “Durham County Council Report 21-10-15

  1. Hi,
    I would like to offer my services to save the DLI.
    Personally, I just think that a straight forward ‘buy out’ would be the best option and to just let the council carry on with their folly around that area as long as the DLI continues to have a reasonable outside area and access.
    I am reasonably sure that I could arrange the appropriate ‘non repayable’ finance to purchase the museum.
    My only caveat is that I would like to incorporate (provide a base), into the building a branch of (or Durham based offshoot), charity Children in Need.

    Kind Regards
    Paul Gill
    CEO Orsto Ltd

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