Durham County Council Report 21-10-15

HERE is the link for the report by Durham County Council regarding the ‘Future of DLI Museum Arrangements’ by: Terry Collins, Corporate Director Neighbourhood Services , & Cllr Neil Foster Portfolio Holder Economic Regeneration


The report is ‘detailed’ in length amounting to some fifteen pages (when including appendices) and covers the following points –

i)     Purpose of the Report (Pts 1-3)

ii)    Background (Pts 4-15)

iii)   Material Considerations (Pts 16-35)

iv)   Financial Implications (Pts 36-43)

v)    HR Implications (Pts 44-49)

vi)   Legal Implications (Pts 50-51)

vii)  Accommodation Implications (Pts 52-55)

viii) Other Risks (Pts 56-62)

ix)   Next Steps & Timetable (Pt 63)

x)    Recommendations & Reasons (Pt 64)