Welcome to the ‘Save the DLI Museum’ Campaign

The closure of the DLI Museum at the Aykley Heads site has not been examined by the Council in any way other than how to achieve and justify it. The purpose of this campaign group is to examine a continued financially sustainable operation at the site and legally challenge Durham County Council on the closure decision, to examine all possible avenues leading to the retention of the DLI collection as a whole and to allow continued public access to the complete collection housed within the same building.

Save the DLI Museum Campaign Committee


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the ‘Save the DLI Museum’ Campaign

  1. I have already had a letter published in the Northern Echo and would like to say I am against the closure of the DLI Museum and object to the Labour Group and the DLI Trustee on deciding to do so without any warning to the general public, to see if it could be accommodated else where within the City, I am some times ashamed to say I am a Labour supporter when this type of brainless decisions are taken.
    I have a family member who gave his life Acting Captain George Richardson Forster 9th Batt DLI killed on the Somme and my husband lost to members of his extended family killed in Belguim and Italy Frederick and William Rowntree,

  2. I was also appalled to hear of a decision taken to close the DLI museum. The DLI site is a tranquil setting much used by people who do not have their own gardens to relax in. The DLI cafe is also a useful watering hole, or lunch venue. It is an insult to the veterans and also would mean the loss of the art exhibition facility.

  3. Can anyone confirm what the position of The Cathedral (durham diocese/dean and chapter) and Durham University is on the closure? The university has a history department reputed to be one of the best in the country so would expect that they will at least have a view on this. I am aware of the proposal to move some of the smaller exhibits to Palace Green, so guess there may be a conflict of interest there, but I wondered if they have been directly approached. Also what about The Imperial War Museum and The Royal Armouries in Leeds are they able to lend their support in anyway? In view of the large sum to be raised in a very short timeframe are corporate sponsors being sought?

    Also is there a regular public meeting or anything for supporters?

  4. My wife and I visited the DLI Museum yesterday 25/02/16 to see the collection in general and the “For Valour” display in particular.
    As the grandson and son of both WW1 and WW2 veterans and the parent of a serving officer in the R.E.M.E. I am appalled at the callous disregard for the courage and self sacrifice of those who gave their all for their country and for all of us who came after them. The decision by Durham Councillors to close the DLI is a slap in the face to all those whose sacrifice is represented here, and can be summed up in one word “GREED”
    Museums like the DLI serve both as a reminder of great heroism and sacrifice and also the horrors of war without these reminders, generations to follow are in danger of repeating the mistakes of the past. Durham County Councillors should hang their heads in shame they are a self serving disgrace this decision proves it!

  5. Can someone please confirm what is going on with the campaign to save the DLI? There doesn’t seem to be any new information on the site regarding the funding appeal or anything else, as far as I can see and I posted a question in January asking for info that was never responded to.

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