Poignant Armistice Day at the museum; with BBC in attendance


Today saw a sombre, close-knit Armistice Day vigil at the DLI Museum in Durham where, amongst those paying their respects to the fallen, where members of the ‘Save the DLI Museum’ campaign committee, and Jonathan Swingler of BBC Look North & Cumbria.

Jonathan kindly contacted us ahead of today’s remembrance and arrived to do a piece with the campaign leader, John Stephenson, after the service.

During the interview with the BBC John discussed the reason’s for the campaign, talked about how the fundraising and group figures, and detailed our thoughts and feelings on the decision of Durham County Council to close the museum and the ‘plans’ in which they have for it.

JOHN&JONATHON A brief report was put out on BBC One at lunchtime today (11/11/2015) and a more detailed one is scheduled to go out this evening at 18:30 (11/11/2015).

Don’t forget you can support the ‘Save the DLI Museum’ campaign by making a donation via the crowdfunding account HERE so we can help keep the memory alive.